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June is White Racist Month! Who Is Your Favorite White Racist?

Hi folks!  I have just come up with a brilliant idea for a series of posts!  I aim to write posts on people’s’  favorite white racists!  I love the comic fodder they offer!  Folks if you have any suggestions, place them in  the comments section.  Let the hilarity commence!

My name is Ashole Joe.  Shit I can't even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger!  Did I spell nigger write?

My name is Ashole Joe. Shit I can’t even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger! Did I spell nigger write?

Anyone have any favorites?




How to Deal with the White Racist

Hi, Mikey here.  I am as crazy as a bag of hammers!  It's because I am invred.

Hi, Mikey here. I am as crazy as a bag of hammers! It’s because I am invred.

I was reading a blog post from Sepultura13:  .  In this post she discusses mental illness and the disparities in perceptions when it comes to white loons and black loons.  I thought I would add my own two cents as a sort of footnote, but also some advice!  Fasten your seatbelts because it ain’t pretty, when was mental illness ever so?

These white folks are driving me crazy to the point of making me cross-eyed!

These white folks are driving me crazy to the point of making me cross-eyed!

Many Black folk who suffer from mental illness I suspect,  do so mostly as a result of racism which may be internalized and manifests accordingly.  When these white, murderous  spree killers, mass murderers and other assorted  evil assholes do what they do best, they are given  labels which basically characterizes them as anomalies, that is, something external caused them to be like this.  If a black person does any of these things, there is something inherently wrong with them or by extension their communities.  Because of these disparate views, whites blame external forces, whilst blacks internalize hatred and lash out in many instances against each other.   Internalized racism can manifests itself in many ways from something seemingly innocuous, to violent acting out against other black folk.  This is where self-awareness comes in to play as a remedy(not a cure if you are actually suffering from a mental illness) against such.   Self knowledge goes a long way in preventing many of the ills down the road of life, the name of the game being prevention.  The more knowledge you acquire about yourself, your history, background, society and how it works in general, the better prepared you will be in navigating society’s white supremacy.  I always half-jokingly say I am glad I grew among mostly whites, as it prepared me and set me on the road to acquiring knowledge at an early age.  I learned early what day it was.  As I got older, I learned the intricacies and complexities of racism and was able to put a name to racist modes of behaviour.

Hey, I'm not as mean as I look!

Hey, I’m not as mean as I look!

Hate is all too easy – that is woefully apparent on the interwebs.

Yes, that is an understatement!  But then again, people hate what they fear.  This can paralyze people out of effecting any change.  Hate does nothing.  Action does!  Don’t hate cogitate!  Excessive negative emotions only serves to empower the ones evoking or wielding some sort of power over you.  Take the tools that they put in place so that they can feel good about themselves(we are helping those coloureds!), and use them!  Cull the wheat from the chaff, the crabs who want to cling to the other crabs in the barrel in regards to the kerchief heads.  Let em!  You only have control over yourself.  Controlling other’s (unless they are into S&M, or your husband, just joking!), is a colossal waste of time.  Once you realize this, you are half way there(wherever there is).  You will meet other like minded persons along the way.

Sing after me(to the refrain of "Three Blind Mice', "Three dumbfucks!

Sing after me(to the refrain of “Three Blind Mice’), “Three dumbfucks! Three dumbfucks’. At least we’re getting paid arseholes!

Mock the fools and don’t try and educate them in ‘niggerology’ when they ask you why black people do such and such.  Tell them you don’t know every black person in the world or even in the area you live, so you can’t answer their stupid and racist questions.  In fact, deride them for their ignorance by asking them why so many white men enjoy molesting children or some like question.  The responses are hilarious.  However, many are too stupid to correlate the stupidity and derailment of your response to their asinine question, so more comedy will ensue!  After dropping this little morsel,  leave and ignore them, don’t give them a chane to bring up up stupid racist questions or make statements about black criminals for instance, or some other racist argument.  Oh, and try to do this with a straight face(I get a good laugh out of these types of fools).  They are not really interested in what you have to say, they just want to reinforce whatever racist stereotype they have.  They can use what the black person says to ‘educate’ their white friends using you as their barometer.  Many black people fall for this.  Many black folk delight in having this opportunity to enlighten these white folks, as they think they are perhaps, making them less ‘racist’ by doing so, or, maybe they are so starved for attention from these whites, who knows?  Who gives a shit?  Keep walking.  They can educate themselves the same way I did when I had to learn about my history on my own.  The schools sure as fuck didn’t.  They still don’t, teachers I know will attest to this!! (that’s another post!)

If you or anyone you know suffers from any form of mental illness such as depression, get help in whatever form.   Mental Illness should not be tabooed or seen solely as a ‘white’ thing, regardless of the racist perception of blacks and mental illness.   If you find yourself constantly in a state of anger, meditate and  educate yourself and confront and speak to what is angering you, to hell with naysayers.  People will either respect you or give you a wide berth, the wide berth being preferable especially when you are dealing with assholes.  The dumb can remain dumb as it is energy draining to try to educate them which is something they can do themselves.


Hi, I’m just doing what every human man wishes he could do but can’t! Jealous? Happy New Years!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahzahahaahahah!!!!

Anywho, that’s all for now!  Happy New Years!!!!


The Hairy Arse Hall of Shame or is it Fame?

Hi Gals!  I have enough hair on my arse that if I shaved it, could make a fur coat for you!  Teehee!

Hi Gals! I have enough hair on my arse that if I shaved it, could make a fur coat for you! Teehee!

This man has enough hair on his arse to make ten coats if you ask me.  Any-who, I was surfing the net looking for men with muscular buttocks and came across Yeti here.  I’d thought I’d post it for shits and giggles!

Says Kenny; "I like hairy arses but this gear box is ridiculous!(Mikey is pictured here with his boyfriend Billy Max, another hairy asshole!)

Says Mikey; “I like hairy arses but this gear box is ridiculous!
(Mikey is pictured here with his boyfriend Bob Billy, another hairy asshole!) ” Where’s Cthulhu when you need him”? asks Mikey.

Someone invoke my name?

Someone invoke my name? I happen to like hairy arses, aesthetically speaking of course!

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