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Are White Men Ugly or is it White Women Who Make Them So?

Are White Men Ugly or is it White Women Who Make Them So?

I’ll take a quarter pounder with cheese! Make that a half dozen quarter pounders. A working man has to eat!

Well, I will say this though, at least he is employed! How much longer he’ll be breathing is another question. I hope his wife has insurance!

The white woman in all her glory only wants the best. The best bread winner, a man that is 6’8, looks like a body builder, can throw down in the bedroom, dresses impeccably, has a sensitive nature, most of all knows his place! After all, as the arbiters of beauty in the western world, she will need a comparable mate. But hold on. Looks ain’t everything you say? No they ain’t! A white woman can look like this:

Where’s my old man? He went out for a loaf of bread and never came back!

But she will still expect to get something like this:

Do you like my man titays?

What she in all reality will end up with, is someone like this:

I’m Too Sexy For My Small Schlong Underwear!

If he is bringing home a big enough pay check, that will be more than compensatory! Nothing like a huge pay check! You see, a white woman is entitled to the best! Media proves this. The lowlier women on the totem pole are shit out of luck! A black woman in most instances has to settle for this:

Hey baby, like what you see? White women need not apply !


Asian women have to settle for this:

Like what you see? There are plenty of more of this where I come from!

It makes one weep don’t it?

When a white woman looks like this:

I can get any coloured man I want! I am white! What do looks have to do with It?(triple bagger In Teenage Boy parlance)

She will still want the best. and why not? She is the epitome of beauty! Even if she ain’t all that and a bag of chips, so what! She is white, that is all she needs! Millions of racialized men can attest to this. If she can’t get her ideal white man, she can always go for the ‘lesser’ racialized man for who will have to be over and above the best white man. You see, her white skin is the trade off!

Should a white men possess the attributes hitherto alluded to previously, than watch out! Those broads will go toe to toe to get one. Unfortunately, most white men don’t look like male models or hunks! What’s a white woman to do?  Go for the good old pocketbook! This more than makes up for disparity in looks! Sure the white woman finds the white man ugly but a healthy and huge pay check more than makes up for this!

 Some advice to white men, invest in Tylenol, you’ll need it!



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