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My Trials and Tribulations!

A fucking moose tonguing a car! Better the car than me. Perhaps he thought the car was an ex?
That’s what I call a clean car if you like moose spittle!  I hate moose meat!

He was hung like a horse!  That got your attention eh?  Bunch of pigs!  I only run a clean blog!  Anywho I wanted to write about my travails with driving. Tweren’t pretty!

I went for my first Driver’s test and failed!  Well, the test started out easily until the tester told me to parallel park!  There were mounds of snow along the sides of the road!  Anyways, I did as she instructed and ended up backing into a snow bank.  Well, it took me about five motherfucking minutes to get out of the fucking snow bank.  Did I write I run a ‘clean’ blog?  I lied.

Let me give you a little background on myself when it comes to getting nervous.  I get gaseous when nervous.  Compounded with the hilarious thoughts popping into my head, are the silent killer emissions emanating from my rectum.  Well once this happens, I start laughing!  Well, I couldn’t laugh as the tester was getting progressively agitated.  Imagine trying to hold your buttocks together and not laugh out loud while doing it!  Torture!   This fucked up the rest of the test.  Imagine trying to suppress your laughter and gas at the same time.  Anywho, it was downhill from there, I failed!

I had an invaluable experience, though; next time take Bromo Seltzer and ex-lax the night before the test!  I rebooked.  I need a fucking car!



Folk(s), here’s an update.  My human rights case is moving along.  I, however, do not have the time to write as much as I would like to, due to these malfeasants and having to concentrate on my case.  From the start, I have had little or no assistance from anyone including lawyers or other experts, never mind the people I work with.  Despite the fact that I have not had much assistance, I have managed to come thus far on my steam.  If I did not have an inkling as to how white supremacy works, I would be in big trouble both mentally and physically as it takes a toll.  Being stubborn and contrarian helps also, in other words, don’t take any shit!  I have had a few rough patches, but through meditation and prayers to a higher being, I have managed to come through.  Prayers do work, don’t laugh!  I swear like a trooper, but I am a spiritual person.  Seeing the absurdity in things and laughing helps immensely and believe me there is  absurdities to spare and then some.    The little support I have had comes from a very few, but valuable for all its’ sparsity.  Many are afraid.  When one is backed into a corner, one must come out swinging.  Running and hiding does nothing but exacerbate the situation. With fear and apathy, whatever you would wish to characterize it as, comes shame and defeat with the resultant side effects such as physical and, or, mental health.  As of now, I have been assigned a lawyer to help me with my case and other good things have occurred!

There is an old saying by Joe Louis, ‘You can run but you can’t hide’.  Well I am not running!  I will see this to the end regardless of the outcome.  Pray to whatever supreme being you worship,

Portrait of boxer Joe Louis

Portrait of boxer Joe Louis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for me, the more the better!  I wish to write more but as I say, I have to concentrate more on my case, this is but a blip on the radar!  I enjoy writing and laughing at the same time so I guess I am half there.  Remember, laughter is a panacea.  Have a good day!

Hi! Mikey here! Please help that negress Hernie out with your prayers and support. If you don’t, I’ll bite your head off! Beyotches!


Proctologist, er I mean prognosis for 2011(Posts)

I would like to write the following posts for 2011!

  2. Social spoofs, I mean commentary!
  3. Shopping motherhubbard!
  4. The where and whys of why we are here
  5. Racism and how it affects goofs and assholes.
  6. Whatever.

Stayed tuned, someone has to!

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Are White Men Ugly or is it White Women Who Make Them So?

Are White Men Ugly or is it White Women Who Make Them So?

I’ll take a quarter pounder with cheese! Make that a half dozen quarter pounders. A working man has to eat!

Well, I will say this though, at least he is employed! How much longer he’ll be breathing is another question. I hope his wife has insurance!

The white woman in all her glory only wants the best. The best bread winner, a man that is 6’8, looks like a body builder, can throw down in the bedroom, dresses impeccably, has a sensitive nature, most of all knows his place! After all, as the arbiters of beauty in the western world, she will need a comparable mate. But hold on. Looks ain’t everything you say? No they ain’t! A white woman can look like this:

Where’s my old man? He went out for a loaf of bread and never came back!

But she will still expect to get something like this:

Do you like my man titays?

What she in all reality will end up with, is someone like this:

I’m Too Sexy For My Small Schlong Underwear!

If he is bringing home a big enough pay check, that will be more than compensatory! Nothing like a huge pay check! You see, a white woman is entitled to the best! Media proves this. The lowlier women on the totem pole are shit out of luck! A black woman in most instances has to settle for this:

Hey baby, like what you see? White women need not apply !


Asian women have to settle for this:

Like what you see? There are plenty of more of this where I come from!

It makes one weep don’t it?

When a white woman looks like this:

I can get any coloured man I want! I am white! What do looks have to do with It?(triple bagger In Teenage Boy parlance)

She will still want the best. and why not? She is the epitome of beauty! Even if she ain’t all that and a bag of chips, so what! She is white, that is all she needs! Millions of racialized men can attest to this. If she can’t get her ideal white man, she can always go for the ‘lesser’ racialized man for who will have to be over and above the best white man. You see, her white skin is the trade off!

Should a white men possess the attributes hitherto alluded to previously, than watch out! Those broads will go toe to toe to get one. Unfortunately, most white men don’t look like male models or hunks! What’s a white woman to do?  Go for the good old pocketbook! This more than makes up for disparity in looks! Sure the white woman finds the white man ugly but a healthy and huge pay check more than makes up for this!

 Some advice to white men, invest in Tylenol, you’ll need it!



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