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Ode to Thor! Ho Joh Toh HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Here’s a poem I wrote for the illustrious ‘Thordaddy’!  It was too hot for the internet!

One armed bandit!

Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
These fools don’t get it?
Oh please, I already forgot!
Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
Do the formulas and you will see,
Jackasses are a dime a dozen can’t you see?
Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
Radical autonomy,
Masturbatory fantasies don’t count as philosophy!
A plantation Negro?
Who that be?
I know it is a description from a white loon who cannot see!
Discriminatory and intolerant
Your delusions of grandeur require psychotropy!
Them clowns ain’t you because the only clowns
appearing are in your radical unautonomy!

Tee Hee

Yeah! Radical Autonomy, Hey!
Playing with oneself until you cannot see!
Middle name is really boor,
writing reams of bullshit only causes folks eyes to get sore!
Hardee Har, hardee hoo
playing with oneself until you cannot see!
Thordaddy has claimed he has floored these clowns,
Hey wasn’t that you thordaddy, who was caught with your pants down?
Radical Autonomy,
playing with oneself until you cannot see!
The only floor you saw is when you got knocked down.
You shouldn’t masturbate so much or you will go blind!
Go find some more?

Suffering Sucataaaasssssh, Meeeowww, Argh!!!!!

The only thing that will feed into is your fantasy!
Radical Autonomy,
playing with yourself until you cannot see!
You see Thor, Thordaddy,
being in a woman led relationsip is where you should be!
If nothing else, it will prevent thee
from trolling blogs with you bullshit philosophy!!!
Creating, your legacy?
Invest in Kleenex and Vaseline and you will truly be free!
Radical Autonomy mastubatory fantasies of Thordaddy
Please stop playing with yourself and perhaps you will see!
As an Angry Tharkess from Barsoom, If you were right in front of me
I would slap you with my four hands!!! So much for:
Radical Autonomy,
playing with yourself Thordaddy,
will cause you not to see!!!!(repeat the refrain 90 times)

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