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June is White Racist Month! Who Is Your Favorite White Racist?

Hi folks!  I have just come up with a brilliant idea for a series of posts!  I aim to write posts on people’s’  favorite white racists!  I love the comic fodder they offer!  Folks if you have any suggestions, place them in  the comments section.  Let the hilarity commence!

My name is Ashole Joe.  Shit I can't even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger!  Did I spell nigger write?

My name is Ashole Joe. Shit I can’t even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger! Did I spell nigger write?

Anyone have any favorites?




Historical Weirdos, a Preamble!!!!!!

Hi,  I am an inbred gearbox!  My mother pumped her 1st cousin, who were also first cousins as were my parents who happen to be first cousins with my parents.  Confusing neh?  Well at least I am superior to you 'common' folk.  So what if Hapsburg.  Generations of inbreeding has crated my unique looks.  My parents were 1st cousins as were mine, who were 1st cousins with each other.  Confusing neh?  Well be that as it may I am superior to you despite my deformities, speech impediments and sub-intelligence.  Also, I am white so that alone makes me superior to you darker folk.  BOW DOWN MINIONS!!!!!

Hi, I am an inbred gearbox! My mother pumped her 1st cousin, whose parents were also first cousins as were my parents’ grandparents who happened to be first cousins as were their grandparents and so on and so forth! Confusing neh? Well at least I am superior to you ‘common’ folk. So what if Hapsburg generations of inbreeding has created my unique looks? My grandparents were 1st cousins as were my great grandparents, who were 1st cousins with each other did I already state that? Well, no matter. Confusing neh? Well be that as it may I am superior to you despite my facial deformities, speech impediments and sub-intelligence. Also, I am white so that alone makes me superior to you darker folk. BOW DOWN MINIONS!!!!!

I love reading about inbred historical weirdos!  I find them to be interesting on so many levels.  European history contains millions of examples of such arseholes!  Study them folks in order to understand Europeans!  There is a strong correlation between these historical lunatics, their mode of rule, and the systemic white supremacy they have left as their enduring legacy.  Of course this was after the Europeans became ‘white’.  Time permitting, I will endeavour to acquaint you with these morons, I mean personages.


The Day in the life of a White Racist Troll!

Bliff Is my name, riling up Negroes is my game….after a few drinks that is.

Good Day!  Ever wonder how the white racist troll spends their day?  Well here is an itemized list.

  1. Falls out of bed and stumbles to the washroom and exclaims; “I have the mother of all fucking hangovers!”  The goof then scours the internet for  black oriented blogs.  The constipated cockatrice searches out those that particularly target white racism in all its’ glory.
  2. The fool finally finds one that has a fairly large readership.
  3. He peruses the blogs which he finds to be particularly ‘militant’.
  4. He goes to his liquor cabinet and proceeds to get something to drink, after all you will need the Dutch courage to respond.
  5. After a few tentative drinks, he starts drinking copious amounts of liquor.  Perhaps he may throw in a few spliffs  to soften the hard edges of his potential counter-attacks.

    Doug 666 on the golf course after partaking of a liquid lunch.

  6. He starts his dumbfuckery by identifying himself as a ‘race realist, not a racist.
  7. The puffed up jackanapes will then attempt to explain in a verbose, pompous manner, as to why blacks are basically ‘dumb’;it’s the genetics dummy!  Add evolving in cold climates and other similar lunacy as to why this is so.  He will then emphasize for the millionth time that he is not racist but being cool, calm and logical!  Science supports him!
  8. Bring up black crime statistics to show how blacks lack reserve, control over their behaviour and are basically some many percentage points dumber than whites.  But they can sing, dance and are good athletes!  The men have an astounding amount of testosterone that explains their impulsiveness and the white mens’ smaller peckers and lower sex drives.  But hey, everything is a trade off eh?  Oh, he will link you to cases of black on white crime.  Keep in mind he is not yet drunk as he has only consumed several bottles of beer and a quart of liquor.  Over the years these superior white racist men have built up an incredible resistance to alcohol.  It takes a lot to get drunk!!
  9. Whilst typing all this, he  consumes vast amounts of liquor.  That way if he ‘slips’ up and makes a particularly ignorant remark, he can attribute it to the alcohol, he may have consumed too much of it.  You see, he ain’t really a ‘raciss’, you are for pointing his racism out to him!
  10. He stumbles to the toilet to take a piss and remembers to put the toilet seat up this time.  Once he is finished voiding his bladder, he gets back to ‘work’ and drinks some more liquor.
  11. He types some more bullshit.  He takes particular posts, hell, singles out some posters who are not ‘listening’ to him and writes a load of shit in order to give the impression that he is ‘logically’ picking their remarks to shreds.  After all, the blacks need a white saviour to show them what day it is.  He throws  in some statistics which lack context or are generally slanted in favour of his views, or so he may think.
  12. Drink some more liquor.
  13. What ever he does,he will try to bait some of the posters, hopefully, they will fall into his ‘trap’ and seriously debate him!
  14. Time for lunch! He staggers to the kitchen to see what is available to eat. The  cupboards are bare except for macaroni, stale bread, cans of sardines and expired milk? Ah shit, fuck, he slurs.   He just chucks it into a pot, brings it to a boil and throws some expired milk on it.  He then eats this concoction out of the pot.  After consuming this vomit inducing shit, he burps, farts and scratches his balls.  Oh yeah, he doesn’t forget to get more liquor out of the cabinet.  He is on a roll folks and geared up for intellectual battle!
  15. By now, he should be bleary eyed and perhaps his hands are starting to cramp up.  No worries, he puts some Preparation H or is it ex lax? on his afflicted hands.  Being drunk, he most likely will not know the difference.
  16. Given temporary relief, he starts typing some more nonsense in particular, expounding in-depth on his  race realist views.  When queried as to why he even bothers to come to the particular blog, he informs the niggers, he mean blacks, that he is providing a different viewpoint other than that of preaching to the choir. The cretin  keeps calling the blacks the most racist he has ever read.  He starts wondering if this is what all the niggers, he means blacks think.
  17. Duty calls!  time for another trip to the toilet.  Being drunk, he tries not to piss all over the walls and floors!  He staggers back to his computer and commences educating those ni…blacks.
  18. What fun he is having.  This is almost better than drinking!  Almost, but not quite!
  19. He continues toing and froing with these blacks. He punctuates this with both liquor and spliffs and is getting more inebriated and belligerent.
  20. Supper time!  But wait there is no food to be had, besides he is having too much fun baiting and interacting with these porch monkeys, I mean blacks.

    Randy, the true intellectual of these racist stooges!

  21. Time for supper again, but it’s at this point the drunk, I mean racist troll  proceeds to pass out.  It doesn’t matter though because there is nothing in the fridge nor cupboard which can be prepared whilst drunk!

And so it goes for the white racist troll.

Always Do Sober What You Said You’d Do Drunk. That Will Teach You To Keep Your Mouth Shut.

Mark Twain

The award goes to Doug 666, Bliff, randy,Brahms, Da Jokah, Riverside_Bob(or whatever the fuck his name is), and all the rest of those white racist trolls out there. Fuck off.


Ode to Thor! Ho Joh Toh HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Here’s a poem I wrote for the illustrious ‘Thordaddy’!  It was too hot for the internet!

One armed bandit!

Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
These fools don’t get it?
Oh please, I already forgot!
Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
Do the formulas and you will see,
Jackasses are a dime a dozen can’t you see?
Radical autonomy,
Playing with oneself until you cannot see.
Radical autonomy,
Masturbatory fantasies don’t count as philosophy!
A plantation Negro?
Who that be?
I know it is a description from a white loon who cannot see!
Discriminatory and intolerant
Your delusions of grandeur require psychotropy!
Them clowns ain’t you because the only clowns
appearing are in your radical unautonomy!

Tee Hee

Yeah! Radical Autonomy, Hey!
Playing with oneself until you cannot see!
Middle name is really boor,
writing reams of bullshit only causes folks eyes to get sore!
Hardee Har, hardee hoo
playing with oneself until you cannot see!
Thordaddy has claimed he has floored these clowns,
Hey wasn’t that you thordaddy, who was caught with your pants down?
Radical Autonomy,
playing with oneself until you cannot see!
The only floor you saw is when you got knocked down.
You shouldn’t masturbate so much or you will go blind!
Go find some more?

Suffering Sucataaaasssssh, Meeeowww, Argh!!!!!

The only thing that will feed into is your fantasy!
Radical Autonomy,
playing with yourself until you cannot see!
You see Thor, Thordaddy,
being in a woman led relationsip is where you should be!
If nothing else, it will prevent thee
from trolling blogs with you bullshit philosophy!!!
Creating, your legacy?
Invest in Kleenex and Vaseline and you will truly be free!
Radical Autonomy mastubatory fantasies of Thordaddy
Please stop playing with yourself and perhaps you will see!
As an Angry Tharkess from Barsoom, If you were right in front of me
I would slap you with my four hands!!! So much for:
Radical Autonomy,
playing with yourself Thordaddy,
will cause you not to see!!!!(repeat the refrain 90 times)

The Dumbfuck of the Day Award Goes to.....drumroll



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