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King Shit From Turd’s Island or the Travails of a Troll!

Folks, I use that term lightly,   I was perusing some blogs written by some young fellows:

These young men(no they are not my kids),  are seeking knowledge and answers in life.   In fact they have the patience of Job in regards to some of these clowns who reply to their posts!  . Their blogs are quite enjoyable especially when lunatic trolls post there.   There are hilarious fucks who visit their blogs with the most confounding bullshit and fucktardidness! What is even more gut busting, is that these fucktards actually believe the bullshit they are expounding. Personally I find these clowns to be hilarious. However, the bloggers for the most part don’t. In fact in many instances, they seem to be too polite and kindhearted until the jackass wears out their welcome and gets progressively more belligerent! What to do with these leviathans of lunacy? Why ridicule them!  Young men, here’s my advice to you, cherish it!

Hone your ad-hominess and cussing skills when dealing with them. Throw all the ‘straw man’ arguments at them you can! In short, meet bullshit with bullshit! These clowns for the most part are oxygen thieves, who go to blogs diametrically opposed to their way of thinking and bombard them with reams of garbage, and then, have the nerve to insult their ‘intelligence’ if they refuse to debate them. So be it turd, just fuck off and go get acquainted with the palm sisters!  I realize that everyone needs a hobby but these fools are ridiculous!

The ones who I find to be particularly funny, are the racists who debate their points of views under the guise of science. There is a sucker born every minute but I ain’t one of them! No, I recognize an asshole when I come across one be it in print, in person or whatever medium. Being perverse myself to a certain extent, I find these goofs to be quite entertaining in a bizarre way.  Besides, it comes in handy being a weirdo oneself!  Garbage being paraded as ‘science’ or’ intellectual discourse’, well MAD magazine can make those claims also.  MAD magazine is intentionally funny but these goofs ain’t.  I compare their diatribes to sitting on the toilet straining for a shit and needing something to read whilst doing so, to hell with the contents, reading the ingredients on a soup can will do!  Besides, a good laugh may make your bowels move finally, Ex-lax not withstanding!

Then there are the regular posters who get sidetracked by these behemoths of bullshit!  They get sucked into these rejects so-called debates.  These particular buttocks warts, are too cowardly to call someone a name, or do not want to seem to be dumb arseholes who resort to obscenities and name-calling.(I for one would and don’t have any problems doing this, must be genetic). Well fellows, these jackasses deserve your scorn and more.  In other words, don’t waste your breath on these oxygen thieves!  The only purpose they serve is that of comical and bowel relief, you’ll shit yourself laughing!  Oh yeah, invest in toilet paper!  Oh, and remember;

Bwahahahah!!!!! BillyBob the laughing horse!

If you need assistance cursing people out:

Good Day to you!!

I'd say!

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Posts I am Working On!

Do not despair dear readers(all 3 or 4 of them)!  I am working on two tentative posts:

‘King Shit from Turd’s Island’.  The travails of a troll!

‘Why Oxygen Thievery Should be outlawed in the States!’  Crime and punishment, or it shortly will be.


Stayed tuned why don’t you?!


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s a recipe for roadkill fowl.

Any fowl roadkill will do!

Go to the store and purchase no name salt and pepper.

Go to a restaurant around closing time and ask for any of their half rotted vegetables, they usually have some.

See if you can get some chicken bouillon and day old bread.  If you can afford it, try and get some sausage meat.

After you arrive back home with your purchases, it is time to get to work.

Take the fowl roadkill, pluck the sucker, gut the fucker and clean it.  If you have any margarine or lard(add salt), slather it over the newly cleaned roadkill.  Take out your newly purchased aluminum pan and stick the roadkill in it, chuck on some pepper and more salt.  Take the half rotted vegetables(that is if you got any at the restaurants), cut off the rotted parts and throw it in with the road kill.   If you were able to get the sausage great!  If not, cat or dog food does the trick also:

Yum! Look at that cat food. I can think of a million ways to cook it! For now, I will just use it for the Roadkill stuffing!!

It can be good for you!  look what it did for Fluffy here:

Take that you asshole!! Suffering Succotash!

Mix this with the day old bread and shove it up the roadkill’s er, neck? After the roadkill cooks for several hours, take it out and chow down!

Not bad, not bad at all. If you have guest don't let them know this is roadkill whatever you do!

You can get some no name flour to thicken the roadkill fowl gravy.  For added starch you can cook some no name rice and eat the rest of the day old bread.  If this doesn’t appeal to you, see if you can scrounge off a relative.  Preferably one you either don’t particularly get along with or one you haven’t seen for years.  That way you can eat and leave as you don’t like them anyway.  Anywho, from the most sublime cracker the world has ever known:

The approach of Christmas brings harrassment and dread to many excellent people. They have to buy a cart-load of presents, and they never know what to buy to hit the various tastes; they put in three weeks of hard and anxious work, and when Christmas morning comes they are so dissatisfied with the result, and so disappointed that they want to sit down and cry. Then they give thanks that Christmas comes but once a year.

Mark Twain

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!


Amateur Software Reviews for the Stupid #1 TeraCopy

I have a confession to make.  No, I am not a drunkard, a drug addict, a man beater or a sex addict!  I am something worse, a software junkie!  In order to work through my ‘addiction’ I will post amateur reviews of software that I find indispensable!    My criteria:

1.  Stupid proof.  Yes stupid proof, in other words is it highly intuitive to the point that you can basically get the gist of the software and its’ basic usage quickly(usually within minutes of using it)?  It’s sort of like that commercial, ‘set it and forget it’!   While you don’t have to know the many complex usages a piece of software has; if you can’t use it right away and are constantly flummoxed by its’ basic use, don’t buy or use it!

2.  Licensing!  This is important!  Some programs offer lifetime licenses for the ‘life’ of the product(my favourite!).  Some upgrade so infrequently to major versions that it is like having a lifetime license(if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!), sans the minor bugs in the software which are fixed and downloadable for free.  I despise the ones where you have to ‘activate’ the product online.  Some can’t be helped like Microsoft Office and Adobe.  However there are alternates(another post)!Now with that out of the way on to my first review.

TeraCopy is an excellent piece of software.  There is little or no learning curve in regards to its’ basic functions.  Any thing more complex can be learned whilst tweaking the software.  It is indispensable due to the fact that you can send your important files to a storage device; or most files for that matter.  If there are limits to the files you can move around,  I haven’t found any, not that that means anything.   It can also be accessed on the right click menu so you don’t have to open the program in order to move files.  Just right click on the file or folder in question.  A dialog box will pop up and give the options of copying the files or moving them to another folder or drive(storage).  If you have already moved the file to that same area, it will give you the option of overwriting it or leaving it.   There is a free version and a Pro version:

Right click and send elswhere!

You can move files around within the Explorer! Yipee!!!!

I purchased mine from a discount site called ‘Bits du Jour”:

This is a site which offers deals with up to 90%(rare, but at least 50%in most cases) off the price of the software!  I try to get discounts on everything and will scour the internet to do so.  In many instances I am successful!  Anywho, until the next time.

Dumfucks of the world unite!  Err what?

Herneith 2011!

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