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How to Deal with the White Racist

Hi, Mikey here.  I am as crazy as a bag of hammers!  It's because I am invred.

Hi, Mikey here. I am as crazy as a bag of hammers! It’s because I am invred.

I was reading a blog post from Sepultura13:  .  In this post she discusses mental illness and the disparities in perceptions when it comes to white loons and black loons.  I thought I would add my own two cents as a sort of footnote, but also some advice!  Fasten your seatbelts because it ain’t pretty, when was mental illness ever so?

These white folks are driving me crazy to the point of making me cross-eyed!

These white folks are driving me crazy to the point of making me cross-eyed!

Many Black folk who suffer from mental illness I suspect,  do so mostly as a result of racism which may be internalized and manifests accordingly.  When these white, murderous  spree killers, mass murderers and other assorted  evil assholes do what they do best, they are given  labels which basically characterizes them as anomalies, that is, something external caused them to be like this.  If a black person does any of these things, there is something inherently wrong with them or by extension their communities.  Because of these disparate views, whites blame external forces, whilst blacks internalize hatred and lash out in many instances against each other.   Internalized racism can manifests itself in many ways from something seemingly innocuous, to violent acting out against other black folk.  This is where self-awareness comes in to play as a remedy(not a cure if you are actually suffering from a mental illness) against such.   Self knowledge goes a long way in preventing many of the ills down the road of life, the name of the game being prevention.  The more knowledge you acquire about yourself, your history, background, society and how it works in general, the better prepared you will be in navigating society’s white supremacy.  I always half-jokingly say I am glad I grew among mostly whites, as it prepared me and set me on the road to acquiring knowledge at an early age.  I learned early what day it was.  As I got older, I learned the intricacies and complexities of racism and was able to put a name to racist modes of behaviour.

Hey, I'm not as mean as I look!

Hey, I’m not as mean as I look!

Hate is all too easy – that is woefully apparent on the interwebs.

Yes, that is an understatement!  But then again, people hate what they fear.  This can paralyze people out of effecting any change.  Hate does nothing.  Action does!  Don’t hate cogitate!  Excessive negative emotions only serves to empower the ones evoking or wielding some sort of power over you.  Take the tools that they put in place so that they can feel good about themselves(we are helping those coloureds!), and use them!  Cull the wheat from the chaff, the crabs who want to cling to the other crabs in the barrel in regards to the kerchief heads.  Let em!  You only have control over yourself.  Controlling other’s (unless they are into S&M, or your husband, just joking!), is a colossal waste of time.  Once you realize this, you are half way there(wherever there is).  You will meet other like minded persons along the way.

Sing after me(to the refrain of "Three Blind Mice', "Three dumbfucks!

Sing after me(to the refrain of “Three Blind Mice’), “Three dumbfucks! Three dumbfucks’. At least we’re getting paid arseholes!

Mock the fools and don’t try and educate them in ‘niggerology’ when they ask you why black people do such and such.  Tell them you don’t know every black person in the world or even in the area you live, so you can’t answer their stupid and racist questions.  In fact, deride them for their ignorance by asking them why so many white men enjoy molesting children or some like question.  The responses are hilarious.  However, many are too stupid to correlate the stupidity and derailment of your response to their asinine question, so more comedy will ensue!  After dropping this little morsel,  leave and ignore them, don’t give them a chane to bring up up stupid racist questions or make statements about black criminals for instance, or some other racist argument.  Oh, and try to do this with a straight face(I get a good laugh out of these types of fools).  They are not really interested in what you have to say, they just want to reinforce whatever racist stereotype they have.  They can use what the black person says to ‘educate’ their white friends using you as their barometer.  Many black people fall for this.  Many black folk delight in having this opportunity to enlighten these white folks, as they think they are perhaps, making them less ‘racist’ by doing so, or, maybe they are so starved for attention from these whites, who knows?  Who gives a shit?  Keep walking.  They can educate themselves the same way I did when I had to learn about my history on my own.  The schools sure as fuck didn’t.  They still don’t, teachers I know will attest to this!! (that’s another post!)

If you or anyone you know suffers from any form of mental illness such as depression, get help in whatever form.   Mental Illness should not be tabooed or seen solely as a ‘white’ thing, regardless of the racist perception of blacks and mental illness.   If you find yourself constantly in a state of anger, meditate and  educate yourself and confront and speak to what is angering you, to hell with naysayers.  People will either respect you or give you a wide berth, the wide berth being preferable especially when you are dealing with assholes.  The dumb can remain dumb as it is energy draining to try to educate them which is something they can do themselves.


Hi, I’m just doing what every human man wishes he could do but can’t! Jealous? Happy New Years!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahzahahaahahah!!!!

Anywho, that’s all for now!  Happy New Years!!!!


How to Deal With the White Racist I….A Preamble!

Hello or good day!  Hernie here.  I’ve noticed when perusing the internet that many other black folk have problems when dealing with white folk.  First off let me start by saying that white folk do not give two shits about you unless iritated in some shape or form.  That’s right, black people are irritants to them, a boil on their white bums as it were.  Those of you that think  that whites do are surely misguided.  I grew up around these people for the first 10 years of my life, to the exclusion of other black people with the exception of family members and the odd ‘West Indian‘.   I learned through experience how to deal with them as a result, this is but a preamble to future posts.  For starters:

1.  Listen to the stories your elders tell you about their own experiences with racism.  Besides being fascinating, it will help you deal with the racist white folk you will meet throughout your life.  They will, if you listen, tell you of the covert and obvious forms of racism they encountered in their lives.  For example;  My first encounter with racism was at three years old.  I was going trick or treating with my mother.  I was dressed up as a ‘calypso’ dancer.  We came to this one house and when the white women opened the door, she beckoned to her husband to come and look at the cute little ‘nigger‘.  My mother took me away from that house, quite angry with this woman, I believe she gave this woman an example of her cussing skills, being that young, I didn’t understand what she was saying.  When I got home, I ran to my father and informed him that my mother got mad because the woman called me an ‘eagle’.  Being three years old, that was the first encounter with racism that I remember, it was not to be my last!

2.  What to do eh?   The blatant racists are often funny in hindsight but not at the time you encounter them.  Imagine the stress of having to navigate around them.  But I am here to tell you it does not have to be so.  Funnily enough, these are the easiest to deal with unless of course, they are violent.  They are as dumb as fuck to start with and easily routed as a result.  You can ignore them and walk away thereby depriving them of the pleasure of calling you a nigger or a spearchucker, among other names.  This serves to deflate them as you are depriving them of this ego boosting  pleasure.  It may also enrage some as you are being uppity and may think you are better than them(you probably are).  Watch out though, as they may resort to violence to teach you a ‘lesson’.  You can, if you are in the mood, respond with like name calling and fisticuffs, thereby feeding into their pathology and providing them with the ego boost they crave.  That’s right, feed into their low sense of worth by responding to them, as this is what makes them feel good about themselves.  Ignoring them is the best way.  However, when you are a kid, this may be hard to do.  “If in doubt, punch them out’, was my motto as a kid.  However, you can not keep doing this, especially as an adult, or you may land your behind in jail or get charged with assault in the least!  The blatant racist is a dumb fucker and not worth your time or energy.  Step, plain and simple.

Hi. We are the modern-day Kluless Klux Klan! Besides having a shitty sense of fashion, we are a bunch of dumb fucks. But do you know what? Despite this we are better than the niggers. Here we are at our annual conference where beer, Hooch and spliffs abound! Oh, I forgot meth! You need fortification when going into battle with these nigroes! Now we have to go shave our legs and burn some crosses! Where’s Nathan Bedford when you need him?

3.  The ‘colour blind’ racist.  Folks, the truth will always out with these miscreants.  They are dangerous as they are insidious in their approach.  They will try to minimize your experience with racism, because they are not ‘racist’, it is all in your head.  Folks you may begin to believe this is you don’t know the signs!  Learn the signs!  If you don’t know how to identify the signs you will be adversely affected!  In some instances the effects can be catastrophic!  Other posts to come on this, I am hungry and tired.

I hope this asshole at least gives me a cigarette and some liquor for all his fumbling! He is so colour blind and species blind, that he can’t even tell that I am a lioness. He wants to breed a ‘white liger’ on me I suppose! Hell’s Bells, what the fuck!
Tiger; It’s any port in a storm guys! Last week I pumped a bear. The sow almost bit my pecker off!

I am tired so will post more advice when I’m not.  Believe me, this topic is seemingly infinite in its’ scope and persistance.  This is but an introduction, more to come!  Carry on!  Oh, try to study; critical race theory.  for starters, the definition;

CRT recognizes that racism is engrained [sic] in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.[3]

courtesy of the UCLA School of Public Affairs.

A message from Mikey:

Like what you see Negroes?


The White Racist’s Guide to Riling up Negroes!!!


Hi, Mikey the inbred fuck here again. Wassup? Ain’t that how you negroes be greeting one another? I love riling up negroes! Here’s a list of some of the ways to do so! If the negroes get out of hand, I can always rip their face off or bite off a limb! Here we go!!!!!

Well good day all you white racists out there! Want to know how to rile up the Negroes in five easy steps? Well listen up!

1.  Mimic the way the negro speaks so as to mock the negro.  This is a shoo in folks!  It always gets the negro riled.  This is for the dumber racist who is basically a functional illiterate.  So if you are as dense as a brick, this is a nice starter!

2.  If you are a little bit smarter than the dumb racists, bring up the fact that they were better off during slavery than they were in ‘Africa‘.  No need to be knowledgeable about the country of ‘Africa’.  This will cause their eyes to bulge and their blood pressure to rise, the sight of which is hilarious!

Freedman's_bureauYes sah, we was better off during slavery!  At least we had something to eat!  Massa was good to us!(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3.  Inform them of all the inventions that the whites have made and the fact that negroes have never invented anything.  This one is very popular because it always gets the negroes in a lather!  They will sputter and be at a loss for words or will try to give you a list of black inventors.  Being a dumb fuck you will not care, as it is the charge you get out of riling up the negro that counts.  Who cares that it is individuals who invent and not ‘groups’ per se.   It’s riling up the negroes or bust for the semi-intelligent white racist.

4.  Married or dating a negro?  For those of you who don’t hate negroes but fetishize them; go to your black partner’s group and inform them they are basically useless and your white skin will afford them ‘privileges’ for being in a relationship with a white person!  Never mind you are full of shit!  It is the hilarious reaction you are looking for!  If they are women, tell them how black men find them a handful and hard to get along with and please.  If a man, tell the black man that most black men are deadbeats, criminals or in prison.  They do not appreciate nor know how to treat black women.  Beware though!  This may backfire and you may end up with a rearranged face if the stereotypes of the negro being inherently violent proves true.

5.  Mock black culture under the guise of ‘admiring’ it!  Mimic modes of ‘dress’, music, and supposed ways of life such as thuggery and other modes of criminality;become a full fledged ‘wigga‘!  Keep in mind you may end up being the brunt of jokes though!

6.  For the ‘smarter’ raciss, be insidious.  Don’t let the negro see it coming!  This will prove to be even funnier when they realize you are mocking them!  Start off by talking of innocuous things, such as the change in the weather. When the Negro engages with you in this  mundanity, such as “how nice the weather is today”, tell him/her how much you loathe Obama. Do this suddenly without warning, this is always a shit stirrer par excellence!    So what if the negro you are talking about didn’t even vote nor even supports Obama. Inject it into the ‘conversation’ to throw the negro off kilter. Then carry on as to how you hate Obama care, how you detest him etc. etc.. Assure the negro that you are not raciss,you just can’t stand him(Obama). Whatever you do, don’t let the negro get a word in edge wise during this ‘debate’. If you do, he/she may blow your  conceptions of the negroes possessing low intelligence ,that  they all voted for Obama because of his skin colour, in fact, they may even surprise you with their ‘intelligence’ and erudition. Can’t have that now can we? Why do this? Well it’s fun tormenting people(history has shown you this), and it works excellently as a form of confirmation bias.  The negro will sputter, be taken aback and most likely will be at a loss for words. The best case scenario? He/she will beat the shit out of you! Now isn’t that the ultimate stereotype, the violent, stupid negro? It will serve as party conversation for years to come! At best, it will make you feel good about yourself as your unreasonable hatred conscious or unconscious is confirmed. You will have a ‘legitimate’ reason for hating the negro.

6. Bring up scientific studies that show most black to be intellectually inferior to whites. Do this in the context of why blacks lag behind.  It’s the genetics dummy! Start out subtly now, so you can build up the suspense. Always maintain a calm and kindly demeanor whilst doing this, as you, unlike the negro can control yourself.  Throw in scientific jargon(the negroes probably don’t even know what you are talking about anyway, but neither do you!).  Hopefully the Negroes will get too angry to counteract your pseudo scientific arguments effectively!   The fun is in the outcome of really pissing the negroes off! Don’t’ forget to give them the back handed compliments of being great at sports, singing, dancing, because everything is a trade off.  The negro was given brawn for brains is all.

7.  When a negro brings up past historical wrongs such as cultural genocide, mass lynchings and Jim Crow, fob them off by bringing up blacks’ inherent criminality fueled by testosterone and the ravenous sex drives.  Accuse the black woman of having an overdose of testosterone too!  If this doesn’t floor them, what will?

8.  Bring up the police killings of negroes and do your damnedest to flip the script and blame the negroes for their ill-fortune.  Better yet, bring up some murder committed by blacks against whites.  Divert, divert, divert!!!!!!!  You may have to call 911 when the negro’s head explodes!

Advice to the negroes?  Ignore these loons and keep stepping unless you are in the mood for entertainment or a bout of fisticuffs!  Good day to you!!!!  When will the white racist change their ways?  When pigs fly!!!!

Hi my name is Petula. Me and Mikey are getting married, wish us luck! Sooeee, oink oink.

Last but not least from ‘darling’ Mikey, his opinion and advice:

Hi again folks, Mikey here. I may be funny looking but I am smarter than you because I am white! So what if I am an inbred cretin, I mean creature! I was dropped on my head at birth hence my funny looking face! With my white fur with piss coloured accents, I am all that and then some. I am superior to you, bow down minions before my brilliance! Like my fiance Petula? Mikey the deluded asshole of a tiger! Oh, do you think I’m sexy?

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Dear Hernie Letters of the Day!

Good day!  I received these letters from some clowns!  I shit you not!  It goes thus, first letter:

“Dear Hernie, I think I may have a problem!  I have been married for 20 years to a wonderful, caring man.  He is very attentive and a good provider.  He even praises my cooking, (I can’t cook worth shit).  He tells me constantly that he loves me and brings me presents such as bon bons and chocolates(Belgian).  Our love life is regular considering all the headaches I suffer from.  

Hernie, something strange has been happening in the last few months and it finally came to a head last night.  My husband was working another overtime shift last evening.  He got home around midnight looking exhausted.  I offered to warm up a can of pork and beans and run a bubble bath for him.  Whilst he was getting into the bath tub, I notices lipstick marks on his nut sac, I mean scrotum.  Hernie, do you thing he has been cheating?”

In a word probably.  Now the questions to be asked, the the solutions to be proffered are as follows:

1.  How much income does he make a year?  The reason I ask?  It might not be to your advantage if he has a low paying job, to divorce. Getting half or little of nothing isn’t worth the cost.  You may be able to get extras such as clothes, perfume, or a trip to the Bingo parlour.  In other words, extort concessions  out of him.  If he has a low paying job, he may not wish to get a divorce.  He may want to go to counseling, barring that, get him a case of liquor.  He will be too drunk to do anything or go anywhere.  If he is rich or has a high paying job which requires a facade of respectability, then threaten divorce!  Shit, divorce him and take everything you can!

2.  You wrote that he had lipstick marks on his scrotum?  Well you can do two things, ask him where he got the lipstick marks from.  Perhaps he was experimenting as he is a closet cross dresser.  Look at it on the bright side whatever answer he provides, you will not have to put out as he is sleeping/pumping someone else.  Your headaches may become a thing of the past as a result.  You can turn a blind eye to his shenanigans as long as he keeps the pay cheques coming.  Make sure he isn’t spending money on the whore, taking her to dinner, to flea bitten motels, or buying her cheap perfume, every penny counts as long as it’s in your account!

3.  Your third option is to throw caution to the wind and pump the milk man.  Are you for real?

Letter #2:

“Dear Hernie,  I have been dating a wonderful woman for the last fifteen years.  However, she is an alcoholic.  When drunk, which is most of the time, she is violent, promiscuous and foul tempered!  When drunk, she berates me in public calling me names such as motherfucker, cocksucker and a piece of shit!  To say this is embarrassing is an understatement!  Many a time I’ve had to bail her out of jail for public drunkenness and brawling.  Hernie, I don’t know how long I can put up with this.  This isn’t recent, she became like this after a year and a half of dating!  Help Hernie!

Dear jackass, dump the broad!  You read like you are a few cards short of a deck yourself, either that you are a masochist!  Grow some balls!  Good day!


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