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Maahes was an Egyptian war god, the son of Bastclip_image003 in Lower Egypt and Sekhmetclip_image005 in Upper Egypt. His father, depending on his ascendancy at the time was either Ptah,clip_image007or Ra.clip_image009He may have had a foreign origin, possibly Nubian, in particular Apedemak. He was rarely referred to by his name instead being referred to by such monikers as “Wielder of the knife”, “The Scarlett Lord” and “Lord of the Massacre”. These monikers leave no doubt as to his avocation! Although he has these names, he was not thought of as evil per se, rather, he was seen as a sort of law enforcer, meting out ‘just desserts’ to those that warranted it. As such, he was also given the monikers of “Avenger of Wrongs”, and “Helper of Wise ones”. Even though he had these blood thirsty monikers affixed to his characteristics and name, he was seen mostly as a protective god.

As Lions were considered to be connected with pharaohs, Maahes was seen as pharaoh’s protector. His seat of power was at Nay-t

a-hut, or Leontopolis. To protect his father /Ra, he travelled into the underworld at night to battle the god Apep, and protected the Pharaoh in battle.


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