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Sometimes abbreviated to dumbfuck. It is a vulgarism, a compliment(depends on how one interprets it), but in essence, it is a cuss (curse) word. It refers to people who are engaged in sexual intercourse, colloquially of course, not actually, and are dumb(stupid). In fact, they may be too stupid to engage in sexual intercourse as they may stick their whatsit(another colloquialism), in the wrong hole. In any case, this can be used to describe some modes of behaviour such as goofy, far out, bizarre pseudo-scientific theories, maniacal ramblings in the name of politics, basically a catchall phrase for jackasses. Users of this cuss word may use it for the following:

Being cut off in traffic by a truck no less!  “That dumbfuck!”  If you are still alive!

Tripping into an invisible sinkhole in public!  “What a dumbfuck I am”!  To offset any embarrassment by tuning the embarrassment into a joke.

Almost getting run over by a vehicle whilst crossing the street on a red light. “The dumbfuck”

Reading goofy pseudo-science tomes written and promoted by you guessed it,  dumbfucks engaged in dumbfuckery.

A pedestrian crossing the street on a green light, an example of both a dumbfuck and someone who engages in dumbfuckery(the two aren’t mutually exclusive, sometimes we do stupid things)

The lists of dumbfucks who indulge in dumbfuckery are endless, take your pick!

”’In Popular ”””Culture”’

As with any cuss word, the popularity of this usage may be regional.’   Dumbfuckery can be said to be in the eye of the beholder or the ear, the dumbfuck may try to stick something in it as many of them take things literally!  Don’t ever tell them to “shove it up your ass”  They may just do that!  That would serve as an example!

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