Folk(s), here’s an update.  My human rights case is moving along.  I, however, do not have the time to write as much as I would like to, due to these malfeasants and having to concentrate on my case.  From the start, I have had little or no assistance from anyone including lawyers or other experts, never mind the people I work with.  Despite the fact that I have not had much assistance, I have managed to come thus far on my steam.  If I did not have an inkling as to how white supremacy works, I would be in big trouble both mentally and physically as it takes a toll.  Being stubborn and contrarian helps also, in other words, don’t take any shit!  I have had a few rough patches, but through meditation and prayers to a higher being, I have managed to come through.  Prayers do work, don’t laugh!  I swear like a trooper, but I am a spiritual person.  Seeing the absurdity in things and laughing helps immensely and believe me there is  absurdities to spare and then some.    The little support I have had comes from a very few, but valuable for all its’ sparsity.  Many are afraid.  When one is backed into a corner, one must come out swinging.  Running and hiding does nothing but exacerbate the situation. With fear and apathy, whatever you would wish to characterize it as, comes shame and defeat with the resultant side effects such as physical and, or, mental health.  As of now, I have been assigned a lawyer to help me with my case and other good things have occurred!

There is an old saying by Joe Louis, ‘You can run but you can’t hide’.  Well I am not running!  I will see this to the end regardless of the outcome.  Pray to whatever supreme being you worship,

Portrait of boxer Joe Louis

Portrait of boxer Joe Louis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for me, the more the better!  I wish to write more but as I say, I have to concentrate more on my case, this is but a blip on the radar!  I enjoy writing and laughing at the same time so I guess I am half there.  Remember, laughter is a panacea.  Have a good day!

Hi! Mikey here! Please help that negress Hernie out with your prayers and support. If you don’t, I’ll bite your head off! Beyotches!

  1. #1 by sepultura13 on November 23, 2012 - 16:04

    I hope it goes well for you! After my unsuccessful attempt at recompense for my unlawful firing, I will be interested in reading how you fare with your case. Good luck, my friend…I am praying to Papa Shango, Lord Shiva, Lady Kali, Isis, and Osiris for your continued good fortune, and I hope that your lawyer is six-gunner for you!

  2. #2 by Herneith on November 24, 2012 - 11:56

    Many thanks! The lawyer they have assigned to me is at the top of his specialty, a labour lawyer. Keep in mind, he is also in the pay of the union. Luckily for me, I have other resources in place to counter-act any of the union’s shenanigans. They have already admitted culpability, but are trying to minimize it. They have already resorted to bullying tactics in order for me to back down. Anywho, I am optimistic about my chances as I can defer my complaint to the original body, if this venue does not work out.

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