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Black History Subject: Brotha Wolf.

It is black history month albeit February is the shortest month of the year(figures).   I am not a huge fan of this, because black history is ongoing as is any type of  history.  Due to systemic racism and brainwashing by the white supremacist establishment, this black history month is still in effect.  Perhaps on a superficial level it helps assuage some  whites’ guilt and makes them feel good as they are helping the coloured by throwing them a bone.  On the other hand too many of them will play the race card;something they are uniquely qualified to wield despite accusing blacks of this, they use this as a deflective tool whilst ‘debating‘ blacks about racism.  You know they are losing the argument when they resort to this tactic(race card).  For me every day is black history of some sort.  I have decided to go against the grain and profile my favourite bloggers who I think contribute to the historical lexicon!

Brotha Wolf!  Brotha is a kindly, erudite soul.  He has the patience of Job when it comes to dealing with some of the racist trolls who frequent  his blog.  Brotha is always respectful of those who post there and has guest posters oftentimes.  Brotha’s post and his guest posters offer insightful interesting viewpoints for the most part.  I say for the most part because I haven’t read all of them.  Brotha writes  mainly about the insidious effects of white supremacy in an open and honest way.  He isn’t perfect, but therein lies his appeal.   I can’t stand windbags who write reams of bullshit for the most part.   Most of all, Brotha is open to debate and is willing to read and concur when some poster makes a valid counter-point even if it is contrary to what Brotha has  posited.  This is the hallmark of the great blogger.  Best of all?  Brotha allows me to curse like a sailor when I respond to some of these racist loons who post sometimes.  You can’t beat that!

From a historical perspective, Brotha’s insights are indispensable because a hundred years from now, they will serve as first hand accounts as to the state of racism in the good ol USA when books are being written about the social impact of racism from a primary source.  When reading  history, first hand observations of the times are what gives the reader a glimpse of what it was like in past times.  In previous eras there was the slave narratives, biographical writing and commentary on current events.  Today’s blogs whatever their subject serve the same purpose, hence, blogs are a natural progression when utilizing primary sources.   You can’t beat that!  Saunter on over to Brotha’s blog and you will see what I mean.  May the supreme being bless you Brotha!  Keep your head up and carry on.  Do not let any one deter you from your writings.  Keep your metal to the pedal and your hands on your balls!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little crudity!  You get better as you go along!    Next post, I will be profiling another blogger I like, Negress.

Hi Brotha here.  Read my blog or I will howl in your ear and perforate your blasted eardrum.  Only joking.  Oh, I am not a real wolf either, that's just my moniker!

Hi, Brotha here. Read my blog or I will howl in your ear and perforate your blasted eardrum. Only joking. Oh, I am not a real wolf either, that’s just my moniker!



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