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King Shit From Turd’s Island or the Travails of a Troll!

Folks, I use that term lightly,   I was perusing some blogs written by some young fellows:

These young men(no they are not my kids),  are seeking knowledge and answers in life.   In fact they have the patience of Job in regards to some of these clowns who reply to their posts!  . Their blogs are quite enjoyable especially when lunatic trolls post there.   There are hilarious fucks who visit their blogs with the most confounding bullshit and fucktardidness! What is even more gut busting, is that these fucktards actually believe the bullshit they are expounding. Personally I find these clowns to be hilarious. However, the bloggers for the most part don’t. In fact in many instances, they seem to be too polite and kindhearted until the jackass wears out their welcome and gets progressively more belligerent! What to do with these leviathans of lunacy? Why ridicule them!  Young men, here’s my advice to you, cherish it!

Hone your ad-hominess and cussing skills when dealing with them. Throw all the ‘straw man’ arguments at them you can! In short, meet bullshit with bullshit! These clowns for the most part are oxygen thieves, who go to blogs diametrically opposed to their way of thinking and bombard them with reams of garbage, and then, have the nerve to insult their ‘intelligence’ if they refuse to debate them. So be it turd, just fuck off and go get acquainted with the palm sisters!  I realize that everyone needs a hobby but these fools are ridiculous!

The ones who I find to be particularly funny, are the racists who debate their points of views under the guise of science. There is a sucker born every minute but I ain’t one of them! No, I recognize an asshole when I come across one be it in print, in person or whatever medium. Being perverse myself to a certain extent, I find these goofs to be quite entertaining in a bizarre way.  Besides, it comes in handy being a weirdo oneself!  Garbage being paraded as ‘science’ or’ intellectual discourse’, well MAD magazine can make those claims also.  MAD magazine is intentionally funny but these goofs ain’t.  I compare their diatribes to sitting on the toilet straining for a shit and needing something to read whilst doing so, to hell with the contents, reading the ingredients on a soup can will do!  Besides, a good laugh may make your bowels move finally, Ex-lax not withstanding!

Then there are the regular posters who get sidetracked by these behemoths of bullshit!  They get sucked into these rejects so-called debates.  These particular buttocks warts, are too cowardly to call someone a name, or do not want to seem to be dumb arseholes who resort to obscenities and name-calling.(I for one would and don’t have any problems doing this, must be genetic). Well fellows, these jackasses deserve your scorn and more.  In other words, don’t waste your breath on these oxygen thieves!  The only purpose they serve is that of comical and bowel relief, you’ll shit yourself laughing!  Oh yeah, invest in toilet paper!  Oh, and remember;

Bwahahahah!!!!! BillyBob the laughing horse!

If you need assistance cursing people out:

Good Day to you!!

I'd say!

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Are Black Women Ugly or is it Small Peckered Men That Make Them So?

So, I came across this post .  In it, this ass crack by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa,

Hi, My Name Is One Ugly Fuck. I Write Bullshit Professionally. Will You Be My Friend?

makes the scientific claim that Black women are the most unattractive due to an overdose of testosterone!  This theory also explains why black men are the ,most attractive!  Folks, and I use the term lightly, that’s a bunch of bullshit if I ever heard any.  First the ‘race realist HBDers’ , now this fool.  Will it ever stop?  Everyone has got a theory, I am no different!

Here’s my theory.  It all comes down to pecker size!  That’s right, it is all in pursuit of the almighty leg-over, the horizontal mambo if you will.  The trick is to make your competitor look worse than you are and this can extend to groups.  Let me use Asians as an example.  First off, let me clarify that Asia is not a country!  It consist of hundreds if not thousands of different languages, ethnicities, culture, phenotypes and so forth, etc. etc..  Now in order to compete for some tail, here’s what you do.  You emasculate the competing group by mythologizing their penis size, give them ‘effeminate’ features, tie intelligence to pecker size.  Of course you will have to position yourself as being ‘just’ right amongst the ends of the spectrum.

Like The Hair, Or Is It My Eyes You Are Looking At?

Once you’ve positioned yourself thus, you get to work!  You paint Asian men as being on one end of the spectrum, the highest ones being the ‘smart’ Asian men, albeit with small peckers.  The Black men who are the most attractive, you must hyper sexualize them to the extent that most women(except their own) are scared shitless of their  big peckers and uber manliness.  You make up stories and statistics as to how these brutes will sexually

attack women and hurt them with their oversized peckers!  Add to this that most have low IQs, you’ve got quite a scare tactic don’t you?  You then position yourself as the golden median between the two ends of the spectrum.

But you know what?  These tactics didn’t work too long did they?  The horny heifers got hip to your ways! Instead of being frightened off, you piqued their curiosity!      You scare off the bitches with visions of this type of Black man:

Hi, my name is Henry. I own a hair salon and am accepting new customers. I have a special on this week for perms and weaves! Come on girls! hehehehehe!

However, this is closer to the reality:

Like my coin belt? Like the hair. Look but don’t touch! Buttocks you can carry trays on heifers!

OOps sorry, that picture was for my beefcake/muscular buttocks post!  Here:


So you see, your machinations go only so far.   Write all the academic tomes you want.  Research, research research!  Pull all the stats out of your ass that you can(most people don’t understand them anyways).  What do women really want?  Well here’s my paradigm, it’s based on four footed animals, since there seems to be a trend towards comparing men’s behaviour to animals!:

—The Tiger!—The tiger in bed!!!Yowza!!!!!

The Jackass—The jackass to pay for it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See something you like? My coin belt for instance? I get all the bitches, it’s too bad I don’t like em. Me and my man are going for supper!

Which one are you?  The Tiger or the jackass?    I’d hazard a guess and say this Kuntazawa is a jackass!  Ideally, a woman would prefer both of these animals!  So you see, it has nothing to do with looks.  A massive pay cheque also gets the woman’s juices flowing!  If all else fails for you pecker sizist ‘race realists, there is always the palm sisters Agnes and Arlene!!  The Palm sister Award goes to this gearbox, Satoshi!    Good day to you!                      Sorry but that picture to the right begs for an encore!!!!!!!  Yeaaaah baby!!!!!!



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