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A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,500 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Turn Black Friday into Black Economics Day

Put your money where your mouth is!


I asked a good buddy of mine recently if she thought a movement called Black Economics Day would work. I explained that Black Friday, which has its roots in slavery, should be renamed and re-purposed to empower all Black-owned businesses worldwide.

She suggested starting the movement early on in the year so when Black Friday and the holiday shopping season finally approached, we would already be mentally prepared to spend money with our community and forsake the glamour of the White corporations.

I concur.

I’m going to ask everyone who has a Facebook page, Twitter account, Reddit, LinkedIn account and all other forms of social media to pass this post onto 10 people.

I’m also going to ask those of you that read my blog to reblog this post to as many other bloggers as possible who share my sentiments about taking something that is entrenched in the pain and…

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A Short Update on My Case

Folks, I had my first official hearing for my case and they(management) want to settle.  My lawyer has advised to give them an estimate.  Apparently, they don’t want a precedent set if a decision is rendered should I opt to go the whole nine yards.  After hearing a synopsis of my case, they realized they don’t have a foot to stand on.  I was quite surprised when they decided to deal.  Anyhow, wish me well!

This ain't Ma'at folks!

This ain’t Ma’at folks!


Update on My Case.

Hi Folks!  I have an update on my Human Rights case, I finally got some dates.  My hearings are in September.  I met with the lawyer and beside laughing constantly,(these assholes are as stupid as the day is long), they don’t have much of a case to speak of.  I have documentation!  Forget about the they said, they said scenarios or cussing or fighting them as a response.  Use their own tactics to overcome them.  This is much more satisfying and can be quite hilarious when they are at a loss for words!  Any who, wish me luck!  With White supremacy and its’ intendant tricks, you never know!  Thanks in advance!


Do ya think I'm sexy?  Jealous beyotches?  It took a lot of workouts to get this way.  So what if it was a few thousand years ago.  I look pretty hot for a broad who is that old.  I've got the legs to prove it!

Do ya think I’m sexy? Jealous beyotches? It took a lot of workouts to get this way. So what if it was a few thousand years ago. I look pretty hot for a broad who is that old. I’ve got the legs to prove it!


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