Martin R. Delany

Martin Delaney, (May 6, 1812 – January 24, 1885), was one of the first proponents of Black Nationalism.  He was also one of the first Black Americans admitted to Harvard Medical School.  Folks I discovered this gem of a man just the other day!  Dr. Delaney treated cholera suffers during epidemics in 1833 and 1854, in 1854 he stayed to treat the afflicted while other physicians fled the epidemic.  Martin was born of a free mother(the children took their mother’s status) and an enslaved father.  His circumstances were even more astonishing given the overt barriers he faced at the time.  If one wishes to learn more about Martin, on has only to ‘Google’ his name.  What particularly struck me about Martin was a  speech he gave in ‘St. Helena Island, South Carolina, in July 1865’.

Here’s some gems contained in his speech:

“If I had been a slave, I would have been most troublesome and not to be conquered by any threat or punishment. I would not have worked, and no one would have dared to come near me, I would have struggled for life or death, and would have thrown fire and sword between them.”

I was not taught about such men in school, were you?.  As soon as I read this, I knew I liked this man!

I am going to tell you now, what you are worth. As you know Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492. They came here only for the purpose to dig gold, gather precious pearls, diamonds and all sorts of jewels, only for the proud Aristocracy of White Spaniards and Portuguese, to adorn their persons, to have brooches for their breasts, earrings for their ears, Bracelets for their ankles and rings for their limbs and fingers. They found here (red men) Indians whom they obliged to dig and work and slave for them-but they found out that they died away too fast and cannot stand the work. In course of time they had taken some blacks (Africans) along with them and put them to work- they could not stand it-and yet the Whites say they are superior to our race, though they could not stand it. (At the present day in some of the Eastern parts of Spain, the Spaniard there (having been once conquered by the black race) have black eyes, black hair, black complexion. They have Negro blood in them!!) The work was so profitable which those poor blacks did, that in the year 1502 Charles the V. gave permission to import into America yearly 4,000 blacks. The profit of these sales was so immense, that afterwards even the Virgin Queen of England and James the II. took part in the Slave trade and were accumulating great wealth for the Treasury of the Government. And so you always have been the means of riches”

That’s the onset of white supremacy in a nutshell!

Only you were the means for your masters to lead the ideal and inglorious life, and to give his children the education, which he denied to you, for fear you may awake to conscience.*

Any one who claims there were no ‘awake’ black folks back then should think again!  Perhaps they need a wake up call as there is nothing new under the sun. 


Some Whites were present, and listened with horror depicted in their faces to the whole performance. Some said, “What shall become of us now?” And if such a speech should be again given to those men, there will be open rebellion.

Then as now, a black person or people seek to throw off the chains of white supremacy, scares the shit out of white people.  Martin espoused economic freedom by way of individual or communal ownership of land and becoming self sufficient so as no to depend on the ‘kindness’ of whites and to gain true freedom.

My opinion of the whole affair is that Major Delany is a thorough hater of the white race and excites the colored people unnecessarily. He even tries to injure the magnanimous conduct of the Government towards them, either intentionally or through want of knowledge.

Folks this fool, critiquing Martin’s speech, sounds a lot like some white racist assholes I have come across on other blogs.  This only confirms my contention that things haven’t changed that much but have more or less become covert.  The macro aggressions have become micro aggressions or code.  But it always comes down to the feelings and safety of white folks.  Not once does this man give an inkling of understanding as to what this man is saying.  Instead, Martin is corrected in the amount of money paid to the freed slaves!  He is informed that the slaves are making 30 cents a ‘job’ not a day!  Why they can make up to 90 cents a day if they work hard enough!  Sound familiar?  The old Bootstrap myth!

My opinion of the whole affair is that Major Delany is a thorough hater of the white race and excites the colored people unnecessarily. He even tries to injure the magnanimous conduct of the Government towards them, either intentionally or through want of knowledge.”

Sounds like some of the arguments you hear from white people today!  Criticism of whites =hatred of whites.  I don’t know about others, but I got better things to dwell on than the hurt feelings of whites.  Did this jackass expect the freed slaves to forget what they were subjected to generation after generation?  Did he expect them to be grateful for the 30 cents a job, which was nothing less than a new form of slavery which would come to be called sharecropping?  I suppose one could argue that ‘it was the times’ as an excuse for this white man’s obtuseness but how does one explain Martin’s militancy?

Oh, by the way, Martin was the first black Major in the U.S. army and instrumental in mustering thousands of black troops for the Union cause.  He asked to lead these troops but was denied, instead they made him a major.  What particularly struck me about this man’s views of events of his day, was they are not that much different than what is still present today, the presence of white supremacy albeit cloaked in covert systemic racism.  I am not surprised that this man has been virtually unknown in society at large.  It is a good thing I came across this article.


Dr. and Major Martin Robison Delany

There is nothing new under the sun!

Martin Delaney Advice to Freedmen

Life and public services of Martin R.

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to that of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

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June is White Racist Month! Who Is Your Favorite White Racist?

Hi folks!  I have just come up with a brilliant idea for a series of posts!  I aim to write posts on people’s’  favorite white racists!  I love the comic fodder they offer!  Folks if you have any suggestions, place them in  the comments section.  Let the hilarity commence!

My name is Ashole Joe.  Shit I can't even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger!  Did I spell nigger write?

My name is Ashole Joe. Shit I can’t even spell ashole write but I can sure holler nigger! Did I spell nigger write?

Anyone have any favorites?




Dear Hernie Letter (Stank Whores are us)#….Who Gives a Shit, It’s a Letter!

After having ten kids I need this shit!!!

After having ten kids I need this shit!!!

Dear Hernie, help!!!!

I have been married for five years to an otherwise lovely man!  I have ten children from a previous marriage eight of whom still live with us although they are adults.  He has three adult children who are employed in good jobs and live on their own.  Hernie, here’s the problem, we are constantly fighting over the kids, his and mine!  He is constantly ragging on me to tell my kids to get jobs and move out!  Hernie, they are still ‘finding’ themselves!  He complains about the grocery bills, heating bills, and other living expenses.  He claims my kids ‘eat him out of house and home’!  His kids rarely come over and when they do, they do not stay long.  Their dad meets them outside the home mostly.  I get the impression they look down on me!  Help Hernie, this marriage is going nowhere fast!

Dear ‘I have ten children’, there is a sucker born every minute, evidently your husband is one of them!  Eight adult kids still at home?  Throw the fuckers out and tell them to get jobs, whatever comes first!  As for your husband?  Why on earth would he have married you?  Can you lick the chrome off a fender or something?  On second thought, you are not as dumb as you sound to have snagged such a husband.  Hell, most men would have run from a woman like you.  Why don’t you share your secret?  Are you from Mississippi by chance?  Perhaps you are a hillbilly from Tennessee?  Whatever the case, that man should cut his losses and hightail it out of this marriage before your eight ‘adult’ kids and yourself ruin him financially.  What say you?  In any case, fuck off and get a life!  Here’s a video that brings you to mind:

P.S.  You should have kept your legs crossed and your drawers up!

Hernie the anti-advice, advice columnist!

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My ‘Awakening’-Part 1

Hello.  This post is about my awakening to white supremacy.  No I did not read books or listen to others.  I went with my intuition.  I was able to put sociological terms to it at a later time.  This is about coming awake without the aid of such tools on my own.  I first became aware of white supremacy at a very young age, three to be exact.  My mother had taken me ‘trick or treating’.  We came to this house and a white woman opened the door.  Upon clapping eyes on me, she exclaimed to her husband; “Come here and look at the cute little nigger dear”!  My mother became angry and took me home immediately.  When I got home, I ran to my father laughing and informed him my mother had gotten mad at some lady because she called me an ‘eagle’! For the most part I have been laughing at these fools ever since.

Onwards and upwards of downwards however you wish to look at it, I further experienced white racism in school and with neighbours. At the time there were very few blacks in Toronto, or at least in the area I lived. Because black people were few and far between, I became easy prey for the blatant racism meted out by whites. This would include being bombarded with such names as nigger, spook, coon, jungle bunny, spear chucker and porch monkey, on a constant basis. I was constantly told that my hair looked like a brillo pad etc., etc. Some even went as far as to touch my hair whilst telling me this. It is a good thing I became an artist with my fist and feet! It also helped that I had other people who could educate me as to the mechanisms of white supremacy albeit in a crude and basic way (sometimes that is the best way!). I was not fed the ‘kumbaya’ can’t we all get along bullshit, rather, white folks weren’t and aren’t right, and they despise black people. Deconstructing white supremacy would come later with more education mostly sought out by myself. To date, I think most whites prefer to keep black folk in the dark, especially the ones who prefer to remain there, not me!

At a young age, for some reason, I was attracted to Ancient Egypt. When my parents took me to the museum or I went with my class, I inexplicably identified with them! These reliefs, paintings and other depictions, called to me as the subjects looked like me! Later I realised the depths of white supremacy when the ancient Egyptians were written as ‘white’ or referred to as such. Something told me, an inkling one could say, that this was sheer and utter crap. I started to notice that white supremacy permeated every aspect of society, this realization coupled with the racist name calling, still, however, it was a ‘feeling’. Being a kid one couldn’t expect me to put terms to it, all I knew was that they were mostly if not all racist. In the future I would be bombarded with the colour-blind bullshit but I ignored it. When I chose to comment on it in my child’s mind, it was to disdain it. You see, the whites always came out on top. I also realized that they need black folks to look down on in order to feel ‘superior’ and good about themselves. That is the gist of their racism in a nutshell; ‘cant ‘let go of our ‘supremacy’ along with the power and privileges that go with it,’ can we now?, seems to be their canard.

‘There is nothing new under the sun’ as the old axiom goes! Many blacks I came across were not immune to the white wash and I have met many! As a child I noticed another trend among some blacks and that was the ‘go along to get along’ mentality. If you can’t beat them join them as it were! These same kids would let themselves be subjected to degradations such as ‘nigger’ jokes and laugh along with the white kids until they themselves were called nigger (or nigger wakeup calls as the Yanks refer to it). These same incipient kerchief heads would laugh at and torment other racialized people and fellow blacks. Suffice it to say, they didn’t get very far. Hopefully they woke up and snapped out of it! Perversely, I am glad I got mine when I was three as I didn’t have to waste time being totally ignorant, knowing something was ‘up’ but not what. It progressed from there. Rather than internalize it, I decided to educate myself as I sure as hell didn’t get any black history education in school. I am glad I did. I was also educated about my family history. I can trace my lineage back a few hundred years. I started to study black history from a young age as I was, am, a voracious reader. A word of advice, if you are not taught your family and black history, seek it out. Learning about yourself and your people goes a long way in arming yourself against the racist onslaught whether overt or covert. Once you get hip to the time of day it is, you see the absurdity in these people and hopefully are able to laugh at much of their shenanigans for the most part, in the least you can just shake your head. The blacks who are unaware, even at a visceral level will be in for a rough ride. ‘Woe is me’ has never been my clarion call! Did I ever have moments of doubt? Sure, but upon reflection I gave my head a shake and got over it. I learned that in order to navigate your way through a white supremacist society you must empathetically know yourself. Foremost, I have to thank my elders, especially my grandmother for beginning my education. As long as whites cling to the mantle of ‘whiteness’, there will be no surcease in the foreseeable future. I am beginning to think racism is inherent in their nature. Who am I kidding? I know it is no matter how well meaning, nice, or kind and caring they may appear. Racism surfaces eventually believe me. One coping mechanism is to laugh at them. Seek out other blacks of like mind. Go with your intuition if it hasn’t been squelched yet. If you can, try to ‘wake’ others up’. To those who are not, wake up!

Part II, Introduction to Code upcoming.

White Supremacy in a nutshell, at least of the more benign kind! Kenny sed tho.



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