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Women Led Relationships! You Know You Want To!!!!!!

Looking for a leg over?  Well look elsewhere clown!  I am here to discuss women led relationships!:

Bend him over quick girls!

This man’s crime?  he burnt the wife’s dinner!  Such is the female led relationship!  Do as I say, not as I do as it were!


WOMAN WHIPPING her Husband whilst a freak in a Nazi get up looks on! Talk about perverse!

His crime?  he forgot to take the garbage out!  Such is the nature of these ‘relationships’!

I am a ‘to each her own’ type of broad, but some things beg for jokes and these types of ‘relationships’ are one.  In these ‘relationships’, the woman gives the orders.  Yes sir!  Step out of line and kiss your ass goodbye!  They got a name for everything these day.  If there isn’t just make one up!  Here’s a man engaging in erotic wrestling for the pleasure of his wife!

Get em Tiger!

They say a woman’s place is in the kitchen.  Well according to the woman led relationships, that is the man’s job!  He goes to work, comes home, tidies, does a load of laundry and commences to prepare supper.  What is the woman doing?  Well she is ‘supervising’ her mate to ensure he does it right!  After doing this, he runs a hot, bubble bath for the mistress.  Woe betide the fool if the water is too hot!  After bathing the woman lays on the bed to receive a full body massage.  If the man is smart, he will provide some beverages for her and perhaps some snacks.  Otherwise he may incur her wrath!  That entails being whipped with a soggy noodle!

The most important factor in all of this is the pay cheque!  Yes, if cheque is small, kick him the balls!  In the ‘old days, they were called henpecked husbands.  Now a days they have come up with this cockamamie mode of living as woman led relationships.  Crack out the whips!   Me, I prefer the type of relationship where the spouses help each other!  For example; the man can carry the parcels whilst the woman shops.  If the man likes to cook he can do it all the time.  If he marries a she slob let him do the housework.  You see, men can be useful if trained properly.  If you have a dog, the only difference between him and the husband is, is when told to jump!; the dog can ask how high.  The man knows to keep his mouth shut and just jump.  Wait a minute, that sounds just like a woman led relationship!  I better quit while still ahead.   Again I quote my favourite cracker:

Both marriage and death ought to be welcome: the one promises happiness, doubtless the other assures it.

Mark Twain

Good day to you!


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