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A Turd by Any Other Name is Just a Turd

Let the hilarity commence say I!  I was reading a blog I frequent and as usual, the clueless responses from some of the posters didn’t disappoint!  Try reading them whilst drinking a beverage!  This moron with the moniker of ‘Kanna-Chan’ or some such, made the most hilarious remarks on this blog!  The topic under discussion was about colour blind racism.  This fool states:

Oh great, These blogs are meant to show that whites are racist and yet they are among the most racist blogs I’ve ever seen.

Beeyotch, if you want to read racist blogs or forums, go to stormfront or chimpout, now that is racism!  But then, being stupid as the day is long probably precludes you from realizing this.  You probably expect the writer to be a nice nigra and be all warm and fuzzy.  I can assure you, you dumb twat, that being a ‘nice nigra’ got no black person anywhere.  Even the kerchief heads eventually pay the white piper after kissing their white asses on a continuous basis!  ‘She’ then goes on to berate the author of the blog as the worst racist ‘she’ has ever heard about!  She asks an even dumber question:

You are the most racist person I’ve even HEARD about and a hypocrite. What is worse, you actually try to justify your racism.

Are you one of those people who believe that only whites can be racist?

Does a bear shit in the woods?  I  believe  racialized people in the North American society are incapable of it.  You see, racism is inherent in society.   Racism is prejudice + power.  You can be prejudiced against a group based upon ‘race’, but if you don’t have the power i.e.; control institutions, the economy and media, you are surely not racist.  Now, as a racialized person, if you dislike a group of people based upon perceived ‘racial’ characteristics both cultural and physical, then you are prejudiced.  Nonetheless, you are also a stupid twat!  Hate the sin, not the sinner as it were.  I profess I am a stupid twat in that regards, but hey, it is something I fight against every day. There are people filled with extreme self-loathing, and don’t know why or care to. They deal with Kanna-chan and her ilk from a position of inferiority;they give these jokers the time of day in other words.  They deserve nothing but ridicule!    Being introspective and cognizant of what is going on in society goes a long way in loosening the tethers that racism has on black folk.  Taking a kumbaya approach will eventually kill you sooner rather than later.  This is from a health point of view.

Yes, you may not think it is possible to be truly colorblind but it’s not really implying that people don’t see that you are of a certain race, just that you should be treated as an equal regardless of race

That was mighty white of her.  Now bitch, go to stormfront and ‘confront’ those arseholes please.  You are the definition of what a colour blind racist is!   There are a lot more angrier blogs (racist whites), out there.  You probably dislike blacks getting together and discussing racism if it is not the “we are all the same” diatribe.  This is referred to in crackerisms #2.  The inability to admit you are a racist.  Instead you resort to “I don’t see colour”, or “everyone is the same meme”.  Like the drunkard and drug fiend you are in denial.  You rationalize your behaviour.  Feel better now?  Too bad they don’t have a CA(crackers anonymous) for the likes of you!

And this is coming from someone who was raised by a stepfather whose almost entire family are white supremists. I judge people solely by character.

The coup d’ etat!  ‘My family’, crackerism #3!  Except yours is sort of the opposite!  This is a new one!  I am not like the rest of my racist family!  Thanks!  Bring in the family or friends when in doubt.  It may work!  The dumbfuck then goes on to further confirm crackerism #3 by bringing up a relative, get this; married to a black guy with three kids!  This after using cats as a comparison as to why she doesn’t see colour!  Apparently she doesn’t notice if a cat is orange ,grey or whatever.  Well where did that superstition about black cats come from then? No one saw these black cats I guess!   MAD magazine has nothing on this bitch!

And the dumb heifer of the day award goes to......

Good day!


Women Led Relationships! You Know You Want To!!!!!!

Looking for a leg over?  Well look elsewhere clown!  I am here to discuss women led relationships!:

Bend him over quick girls!

This man’s crime?  he burnt the wife’s dinner!  Such is the female led relationship!  Do as I say, not as I do as it were!


WOMAN WHIPPING her Husband whilst a freak in a Nazi get up looks on! Talk about perverse!

His crime?  he forgot to take the garbage out!  Such is the nature of these ‘relationships’!

I am a ‘to each her own’ type of broad, but some things beg for jokes and these types of ‘relationships’ are one.  In these ‘relationships’, the woman gives the orders.  Yes sir!  Step out of line and kiss your ass goodbye!  They got a name for everything these day.  If there isn’t just make one up!  Here’s a man engaging in erotic wrestling for the pleasure of his wife!

Get em Tiger!

They say a woman’s place is in the kitchen.  Well according to the woman led relationships, that is the man’s job!  He goes to work, comes home, tidies, does a load of laundry and commences to prepare supper.  What is the woman doing?  Well she is ‘supervising’ her mate to ensure he does it right!  After doing this, he runs a hot, bubble bath for the mistress.  Woe betide the fool if the water is too hot!  After bathing the woman lays on the bed to receive a full body massage.  If the man is smart, he will provide some beverages for her and perhaps some snacks.  Otherwise he may incur her wrath!  That entails being whipped with a soggy noodle!

The most important factor in all of this is the pay cheque!  Yes, if cheque is small, kick him the balls!  In the ‘old days, they were called henpecked husbands.  Now a days they have come up with this cockamamie mode of living as woman led relationships.  Crack out the whips!   Me, I prefer the type of relationship where the spouses help each other!  For example; the man can carry the parcels whilst the woman shops.  If the man likes to cook he can do it all the time.  If he marries a she slob let him do the housework.  You see, men can be useful if trained properly.  If you have a dog, the only difference between him and the husband is, is when told to jump!; the dog can ask how high.  The man knows to keep his mouth shut and just jump.  Wait a minute, that sounds just like a woman led relationship!  I better quit while still ahead.   Again I quote my favourite cracker:

Both marriage and death ought to be welcome: the one promises happiness, doubtless the other assures it.

Mark Twain

Good day to you!


New Posts!

I will attempt to do post on the following  topics:


Beware the Kerchief Head!

Cussin Part II, redux.

Women led relationships!

Stereotypes and what they mean to me.

Perhaps I will do on on the most illustrative cracker of all time Markus Twainus!

Perhaps a serious one or two!

I Love a good Laugh!


I’m busy right now!

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Proctologist, er I mean prognosis for 2011(Posts)

I would like to write the following posts for 2011!

  2. Social spoofs, I mean commentary!
  3. Shopping motherhubbard!
  4. The where and whys of why we are here
  5. Racism and how it affects goofs and assholes.
  6. Whatever.

Stayed tuned, someone has to!

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