Software for Dummies Written by a Dummy II!

Here’ my second post on a beaut of a software program which has become indispensable!  Directory Opus, a Windows Explorer file manager replacement.  Tired of Windows explorer?  Well, this is for you!

Customizable panes!  Instead of one pane, you can customize the program to have two or more.  This is good especially if you have a storage drive.  You can jump to your storage drive and access files on it when your storage drive is connected to your computer.   Believe me, this saves a lot of time.  This is also good for perusing multiple files and folders already on your computer.  You can move files and folders between drives or folders by dragging and dropping.

Dual panes which can be situated horizontally or vertically. There are also tabs which indicate the drive and folder.

The Preview pane.  The preview pane allows for viewing pdf, text, word, and numerous image formats, there is probably formats I  am not even aware of!

Preview pane for images. You can also play video and music format files in the preview pane as well as various text formats such as PDF and Word. You can size the pictures by zooming in and out. Fanfuckingtastic!! I haven’t even plumbed the usages for this, being dumb I guess that is par for the course for me though!

PDF preview! You can scroll down the pages and read the pdf on your computer!


There is a FTP function but I have never used it.  You can favourite folds and folders so as to have ready access to them, a time saver.  There are numerous functions I have yet to use.  I am constantly being surprised as to what I can do with this program.  Being dumb this is it for now.  Take this for a spin, you won’t be sorry!  I wasn’t!

  1. #1 by Kwamla on September 1, 2012 - 18:23

    Yes!!! This is a great piece of software I’ve been using it for years including the FTP function. Its so good I’ve even paid for a license for it. But that was just for one computer now my others have run out and I can’t seem to find free ones off the internet! So yes I would definitely recommend it too. I’m almost lost without it particularly for networking between computers….

  2. #2 by Herneith on September 2, 2012 - 11:39

    Hi Kwamla. There is a site I frequent called Bit du Jour. They sell software as deals of the day for half price. In the next few days there is XYplorer, lifetime licence , at 50 % off. The developer updates quite frequently as well. While it doesn’t have hall the bells and whistles that DOpus does, it comes pretty close! I will look and see if there are any other products.

  3. #3 by Mz. Nikita on July 24, 2014 - 21:28

    Thanks for the info, Hernie-computer dummies (such as yours truly here) need as much explanation about technology as we can get! lol ; )

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