King Shit From Turd’s Island or the Travails of a Troll!

Folks, I use that term lightly,   I was perusing some blogs written by some young fellows:

These young men(no they are not my kids),  are seeking knowledge and answers in life.   In fact they have the patience of Job in regards to some of these clowns who reply to their posts!  . Their blogs are quite enjoyable especially when lunatic trolls post there.   There are hilarious fucks who visit their blogs with the most confounding bullshit and fucktardidness! What is even more gut busting, is that these fucktards actually believe the bullshit they are expounding. Personally I find these clowns to be hilarious. However, the bloggers for the most part don’t. In fact in many instances, they seem to be too polite and kindhearted until the jackass wears out their welcome and gets progressively more belligerent! What to do with these leviathans of lunacy? Why ridicule them!  Young men, here’s my advice to you, cherish it!

Hone your ad-hominess and cussing skills when dealing with them. Throw all the ‘straw man’ arguments at them you can! In short, meet bullshit with bullshit! These clowns for the most part are oxygen thieves, who go to blogs diametrically opposed to their way of thinking and bombard them with reams of garbage, and then, have the nerve to insult their ‘intelligence’ if they refuse to debate them. So be it turd, just fuck off and go get acquainted with the palm sisters!  I realize that everyone needs a hobby but these fools are ridiculous!

The ones who I find to be particularly funny, are the racists who debate their points of views under the guise of science. There is a sucker born every minute but I ain’t one of them! No, I recognize an asshole when I come across one be it in print, in person or whatever medium. Being perverse myself to a certain extent, I find these goofs to be quite entertaining in a bizarre way.  Besides, it comes in handy being a weirdo oneself!  Garbage being paraded as ‘science’ or’ intellectual discourse’, well MAD magazine can make those claims also.  MAD magazine is intentionally funny but these goofs ain’t.  I compare their diatribes to sitting on the toilet straining for a shit and needing something to read whilst doing so, to hell with the contents, reading the ingredients on a soup can will do!  Besides, a good laugh may make your bowels move finally, Ex-lax not withstanding!

Then there are the regular posters who get sidetracked by these behemoths of bullshit!  They get sucked into these rejects so-called debates.  These particular buttocks warts, are too cowardly to call someone a name, or do not want to seem to be dumb arseholes who resort to obscenities and name-calling.(I for one would and don’t have any problems doing this, must be genetic). Well fellows, these jackasses deserve your scorn and more.  In other words, don’t waste your breath on these oxygen thieves!  The only purpose they serve is that of comical and bowel relief, you’ll shit yourself laughing!  Oh yeah, invest in toilet paper!  Oh, and remember;

Bwahahahah!!!!! BillyBob the laughing horse!

If you need assistance cursing people out:

Good Day to you!!

I'd say!

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  1. #1 by sam on January 4, 2012 - 13:23

    Yes, I’ve met some of these funny donks too in some blogs. My favorite at the moment must be this Dr Gzkrxzkyzsk of what the fuck his names was. When I see that Dr I just can not help myself to fall into pieces. Reminds of some Monty Pythin stuff somehow, simply because it is just so… well, Silly. It just is.

    And when he demanded opthers to answer his claims?? I laughed so hard that I swear I almost got skids on my pants. Talk about absurd humour!!!

  2. #2 by Herneith on January 4, 2012 - 16:11

    Yep, ol Grizlicker or whatever the hell his name is, is a buffoon! It is too bad there is a comments requirement else I would tell the bunghole just exactly what I think of him!!!! It ain’t nice! I will give him this though, he is funny and upfront in his racism. Some of these other clowns start off under the guise of trying to learn and descend into racist rants when something is said they don’t like. I particularly enjoy the ones who want to be educated when in reality they wish to have their racist ways justified if they don’t like what is being written. They blame the recipient of their views which they had to start.

  3. #3 by sam on January 4, 2012 - 17:29

    Yep,it is funny. I just wonder what kind of branial dysfunction one has to have when one sees scientific data, facts which show without any doubt, that there is 1) one human race 2) less gene differences on the whole western hemisphere than in Africa 3) the whole idea of racism is insane, and still go for it. And then some old cheesehead nutfreak does his own tests, like american IQ tests in english in some remote village in Saheli desert where they heard about electricity maybe coming to them few days ago, and gives the results as a proof of intelligence.

    I bet those africans who took the tests said to each other: “Hey guys, lets do this carp so we get rid of that fucker before he likes us and this place too much and moves in like his great grand daddies did, and pronto!” “What do we write here or where we put the ex?” “Doesn’t really matter, the cheesedick thinks we can not read anyhow so just put some shit somewhere so he can get the fuck outa here.”

  4. #4 by Herneith on January 4, 2012 - 18:34

    In Dr. Grizlicken’s case, I have diagnosed him with a new crackerism. Small peckerism. I notice a trend with these HBDers. I think they have closeted lustful thoughts about black men hence their obsession with testosterone and black male sexuality. These lustful thoughts scares the bejesus out of them so they translate these lustful thoughts into hatred. For these jerkoffs, Kleenex, a jar of Vaseline and their mother’s basement, are their dearest friends. In between mastubatory exercises, they go to blogs diametrically opposed to them and type this garbage. Now don’t ask me if this is pre or post masturbation!

  5. #5 by sam on January 5, 2012 - 02:45


  6. #6 by Hannu Lipponen on January 27, 2012 - 14:10

    Hey, Herneith, it’s Hannu from Abagond’s. I wholeheartedly condone the behavior of kicking verbal asses when those asses are asking for it! I just need to find my steelcapped DocMartins from the vault previously know as a wardrobe cabinet…

  7. #7 by Satanforce on January 31, 2012 - 11:00

    But nothing beats the fuckery of Thordaddy. Nothing. A rare combination of loquaciousness and insane trol logic, if there ever was one. Best to write it poems then ignore him.

  8. #8 by Herneith on January 31, 2012 - 19:25

    That Thordaddy is a sac of shit in a cheap suit!:

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